Tori, 24 years young. But you can call me T-Dawg, T-Diggity, Toto, T-Time or whatever. I really don't care about these things. I'm an optimistic cynic who is studying Psychology. From the land of Beyonce, purple sprite, chopped and screwed music, and NASA. FYI: My URL is purely ironic. Call me "sassy" and you just might get a side eye with the fierceness of 1000 drag queens.

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Someone once told me the grass is much greener on the other side.
Macy Gray - I’m In Between

Seriously. This song was my sister and I’s favorite theme song to one of our favorite TV shows growing up. Still know all the words by heart. :)

  • Track: I'm In Between
  • Artist: Macy Gray
  • Album: As Told By Ginger
  • Plays: 180699